Press ⌘ + K

Visit on Desktop for best experience

Visit on Desktop for best experience

Command K Menu

The CMD K Menu Component allows users to navigate your application or website swiftly, using just their keyboard. By simply pressing CMD+K (or CTRL+K on Windows), a sleek, intuitive command menu pops up, providing users with a list of actions or pages they can navigate to.

Key Features:

  • Keyboard Navigation: Users can quickly access different parts of your application without lifting their hands off the keyboard.

  • Customizable Actions: Define your own set of actions or pages for the command menu.

  • Fuzzy Search: Users can type in the command menu and it will smartly filter the list of actions based on their input.

  • Stylish and Responsive: The design is modern and sleek, and it's fully responsive to fit any screen size.

  • Easy to Integrate: Just import the CMD K Menu Component into your Framer project and you're good to go!


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